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Why Consider a Retained Search?
If you are strategically and financially committed to building your executive infrastructure with best-in-class talent from the population of appropriate talent as opposed to available, then retained search with C-suite should be your option.

Your investment in C-suite is exactly that.  The retainer serves as a deposit up front to reserve the dedicated resources of a team rather than the knowledge of one recruiter thereby guaranteeing an outcome.  The sense of urgency or importance of the search doesn’t wane over time nor does it get lost in the shuffle. Our objective is to “launch and land” successfully, in a timely and cost effective manner.

Understand that in order to attract top tier talent, executive candidates need to be assured of a mutually exclusive relationship between the hiring company and C-suite in order to affirm the credibility of the search and the commitment of the hiring company to building out its team. Read roles and positions>>
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