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Maximizing R.O.I.
 Our quality process requires that we capture mission-critical information from you prior to launching a search in order to maximize productivity and R.O.I.

Our Model Yields Consistent Delivery of Outcomes

Our business model is “professional services” driven rather than “recruitment driven” thus our focus is on driving a successful outcome in a reduced cycle time. We understand that impacting productivity and R.O.I. positively are our fiduciary responsibilities to all involved. We invest a significant amount of time and resources on the front end thus yielding a process that nets:
• An average submission of 3 candidates per search.
• Search completions averaging less than 90 days.

Sample ImageOur “best practices” and “standard operating procedures” serve as the foundation of our organization and are audited as well as reinforced by C-suite Senior Management. These practices are company driven and do not vary from person to person thus assuring consistency in initiation, execution and delivery of outcomes.

  • Our professional services approach allows us to profile for consistencies and inconsistencies in critical information that is asked of each executive.
  • This information, which depicts core values, vision and culture serves as the essence of our process. 
  • The corporate assessments conducted at the pre-search stage help bring clarity amongst the key players as to the expected contributions that the new hire will bring to the organization.